Monday, October 3, 2011

HOG wild

best family shot we could get.  ha!

Abby and Zach

Mary and Meredith


Allie and Abs

The Arkansas/A & M weekend has become one of my favorite weekends of the whole year.  For the past three years (and next 7) the Hogs play the Aggies in Dallas.  The whole family comes and we have a BALL.  It's usually the only weekend all year that we are all together.  Mom and Dad were in Italy this year and they were so missed.  However, we had a great time together and can't wait to fill them in on the details!!

Everyone arrived on Friday and the craziness began.  The kids were thrilled to be together and RAN and RAN and RAN around this place all day.  We ordered pizza for supper and the kids crashed that night.  We had people sleeping all over this house!  Nothing like family togetherness!  Saturday, half of us were up by 6:00 (thanks, Hunter!)  and the non-stop action packed day began.  We left for the game about 9:30 and didn't get home until 4.  WHAT.A.GAME.  This game was the BEST one I have seen in a long time.  It was amazing.  So awesome!!!   Yes, the HOGS won after coming back from a being down by a lot and not playing well at all.  AMAZING.  So proud.    We headed home after the game and watched more football and grilled out.  Again, the kids played and played and played.  We just had an amazing time together.  

I feel so blessed to have such a great family.  I don't take it for granted.  I love how close the cousins are even though we don't see each other all the time.  I love how we walk through hard times together and laugh through good times together.  Already looking forward to next October!  However, seems as though we just might all be together for Christmas this year.  Get ready Mom and Dad!


Mer said...

You win for best HOG weekend post! You handled the WILD like a champ!!! Doors slamming, babies jammin, toys throwin', football goin' weekend. Awesome. Enjoyed every second! Thanks for hosting!

Mandy said...

I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, maybe no the doors slamming and toys throwin! LOVED EVERY SECOND. Sad Mom and Dad missed!!!

Katie said...

Mom and dad definitely missed out. LOVE YOU SO! You're the best sista ever.