Wednesday, September 28, 2011

8 months

How in the world is he 8 months old?  Time is going by WAY too fast.  I am loving this age!!!  Hunter can't crawl yet, so it's just perfect!  He will sit forever and just play with toys around him.   He just learned to clap and does that all.the.time.  SO PRECIOUS.  The past few days he has slept past 6:30, so that has been heaven. I pray that continues.  He is the happiest stinkin thing ever.  I could just eat him up.

Hunter has 2 teeth (the bottom front).  He can sit up great.  He can roll all over the place.  He just learned to clap (literally yesterday).  He laughs and babbles half the time and the other half he is "Mr.  Serious".  He is laid back and just goes with the flow.  He naps wherever he is (which is great).  We don't have to be home all the time.  He does take short naps, but goes to bed about 6:30 and has been "sleeping in" until 6:30 or 7.  YAY!

I ADORE this kid. I can't tell you how much.  Abby is still a great big sister.  She has just been amazing and goes WAY above and beyond.  She takes care of him and "mothers" him all day long.  She checks on him all the time and wants to make sure he is happy.  I could not be more thrilled with the way she has grown and stepped up to the big sister roll.  So amazed.

Thank you, Lord, for these 2 precious children.  They aren't perfect and YES, I lose my cool some days, but they are perfect for ME and I love them both more than I ever thought possible.


Katie said...

Happy 8 months, Hunter!! Can't wait to see you SOON! You and Cols will get along just great!

Melissa said...

CUTE-ness! LOVE that boy! You are blessed, my friend!

Kimberly said...

OMG I can't wait to use my Picky Stickers or whatever they are called. The Boy/Girl one is in my hospital bag. Can Abby come over and do some big sis training??