Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Abs and Elle before the game

warming up

playing in the game!

H decided he needed a nap

Team Rainbows!

Oh soccer!  Back in the early summer I was asked if Abby would like to play soccer.  I talked to Abby about it and she said if the team only had girls and she could wear a dress that she would try it.  Well, I told her the team would only have girls, but she got to wear pink cleats and have a pink ball instead of a wearing a dress. She went with it not knowing at all what soccer was.  

The first practice started off well and then she burst into tears towards the end saying she didn't like it. She finished practice and we talked more about it that week.  The next practice was worse. She cried from the time we got there until we left.  It was just ugly.  HOWEVER, by the third practice she was out there alone the whole hour doing great!  She fell in love with the coach and I was excited about her actually liking it!

Time for her first game last Saturday.  She got there and seemed good until she saw what was going on.  She teared up but when she got with her team and her coach, she was ok.  The funniest part of it was when she was out there playing, she would NOT look at us.  We would scream and cheer and she would purposefully NOT look our direction.  It was hilarious. I couldn't tell if she was truly mad at us for making her do it, or just embarrassed that we were cheering for her so loud!  : )  

I can not even tell you how PROUD I was of Abby that morning.  She got out there and did it. She didn't want to and she was mad at me for making her, but she did it and I was just so proud my heart could have burst!!  It is HUGE for her to do things she isn't comfortable doing and she rocked it!!!


Mer said...

You are the earliest of morning bloggers....good morning mando! That's so so Abby! love that kid. My blog is dying a slow death..i'm down to the last last "to do" on the house...CRAFT CLOSET here I come. Today is DONE DAY! All that's left is to maintain..ba ha!

Mandy said...

What else do I have to do in the morning at 5:30 when my kid is just rolling around playing and WIDE awake? Really??? Oh yes....it's 6 and I already have a load of laundry in the dryer and dishwasher unloaded. Lord have mercy!

Gina said...

Go Abby! And I love the socks.

Katie said...

Abby is the cutest rainbow out there! Can't wait to see her play. ; )

theschmoo said...

Way to go Abs! That's awesome. And well played by you mommy. ;o)