Friday, October 7, 2011

pumpkin patch 2011

Have to pose with the characters

All aboard!

Sweet friends

We went to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch today with friends.  We have been the past 3 years and this year was the best one yet.  The kids are at the age to just go and play and had a ball together jumping in the bounce house, going on a hay ride, running around the pumpkins and finding their way through the hay maze.  The weather was perfect for our picnic lunch with over cast skies and a breeze.  This makes me so thrilled October is HERE and the holidays are upon us!!  Happy Fall!!


Katie said...

That's a big smile for Hunter! I think he liked it.

Love those pumpkins all lined up. I bet that took a long time!

Matt and Brynn Hodder said...

Oh, I miss this time of year. I think we went to about 4 pumpkin patches each year. So much fun family time. Enjoy and buy a pumping--think of us!

Miss you.

Jen said...

AHHHHHH!!! Hunter is SO CUTE in that last picture!!! I love how he is sitting in there and it looks like his legs coming out the bottom of the pumpkin. Precious boy!

Robinson Family said...

LOVE the one of the three kids sitting on the pumpkins. So adorable.