Thursday, February 24, 2011

western day 2011

western day 2010

western day 2011

Yep. It's the same dress. Abby insisted.

Before Hunter was born I had planned ahead, looked around and found Abby an adorable dress for Western Day at school. This morning I brought down the dress for Abby to wear. Well, Abby had another idea. I knew the day would come and I have seen little signs, but my 3 (and almost 1/2) year old has a opinion about clothes now. Ugh! The only other half-way looking western dress we have is the very one she wore last year. Good thing she likes it and it fit.

It is fun to see the changes in just one year. Happy Western Day!


Katie said...

So cute! Is Bo feeling better?

Unknown said...
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Mer said...

sorry I didn't realized faber was signed in under me so I had to delete the comment. I was saying...let the clothing battle begin! he he. She looks cute as ever!