Saturday, February 19, 2011

time for a slumber party

Abby got her puppy dog sleeping bag a while ago and for Christmas she got the baby doll sleeping bag that matches. Well, she thought it would be fun for Hunter to "sleep" in her baby doll's sleeping bag while she "slept" in hers. Hunter went along with it for a while. Bless him! This is the first of many good times, son! : ) Happy Saturday!

And...I love the new blog design. My friend, Katie, at Polka Dot Pig designed it for me. Thank you so much, Katie! I love it and look forward to posting many more adventures of Hunter and Abby!


Katie said...

I was wondering if this was Abby's idea. Ha! Too cute.

LOVE your new blog design and name. Fun!

S, J, B, & S said...

Oh my gosh, I can't handle the cuteness of these pictures!!! So awesome that he fits in the doll sleeping bag! They are so precious and I loved the birth announcement! :) Just adorable. In need to bring you dinner when we get back in town!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh Mandy! That's hystericallly cute!

The Johnson Family 5 said...

You are so welcome!! Your little bundle is just so cute. You are one blessed mama!