Sunday, February 6, 2011

sister is home

Bunny, Hunter and Abs

Pappy, Bunny and the kids

Guess who dressed herself?

Well, Abby is HOME! It is so nice to have her here as we try and get adjusted to this family of four thing. Mimi flew in last night with Abby and she looked SO BIG as she got off that plane and we brought her in to see her brother at her house. Thank you, Mimi, for taking Abby to Houston for the week. It was so nice to get Hunter home and not have to entertain Abby. Since we were iced in all week, it would have been a challenge to keep her busy. Thank you!

Thank you SO MUCH, Bunny for everything the last week! The food, company and help with Hunter was all so appreciated! Love you so. Come back soon!!!

Abby has been playing with her toys all day and "helping" me feed, burp and change Hunter. I think she is going to be a GREAT big sis! Excited to see what this week holds. Thank you, Lord, for TWO precious gifts.


Katie said...

She looks SO proud! I'm glad she is doing so well. ; ) Hope it's a smooth transition!

Melissa said...

She already looks like a pro holding sweet Hunter! Hope everything goes great this week!

Mer said...

I just now noticed her satchel....crazy kid! It was soooo good to see you. Can't wait to get back over there...too short! love you!

Dunhams said...

She looks so excited to be a big sister! That's so awesome that she got to have a fun week away while you guys got settled...I bet that helped a ton. Hope everything keeps going great!!

Donna said...

Absolutely PRECIOUS pictures!! Abby looks so pleased...have fun!!