Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day 2010

playing hard

eating some dinner

frying some fish

Last night, we had some friends over to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. It's hard to believe that we graduated from Baylor a while ago and still get together so often for different occasions. These are truly our best friends and I love that our kids are good friends too. It is so much fun!

The Browns had a TON of fish and Kevin fried it up for us. It was a HOT day and the kids played in the sprinkler until the Moms could not stand to sit out in the heat any longer! We had enough fish to feed the whole block and it was all so good.

This Memorial Day our family is so thankful for our friends, but also for the men and women who are fighting and have fought so bravely for our country. Thank God for you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

school year

last day of MDO - May 25, 2010

first day of MDO - August 20, 2009

last day of mdo

Today was Abby's last day of MDO. I can't believe the year is already over!

Today Abby's class rode the "adventure train" and, I have to be honest, when we got a note about it I thought Abby would hate it. In fact, when Bo and I started preparing her (she works best if you do that) she said, "I can just say no thank-you and not ride it". Bless her! When we got to school today I saw that the train was literally right there in the parking lot. Abby and I walked right next to it and talked about it. She was kind of freaking out. She cried when I dropped her off, which is not abnormal, but she was worried about riding the train. So...I ran home and grabbed my camera and long lens. I was hiding out in the parking lot to see what she would do! I took a few quick pictures of her. It was hilarious. The class walked out and sat on the curb until it was their turn. Abby was just sitting there, clutching on to her bunny and staring at the train make loops around the parking lot. When it was their turn to get on, she did it and seemed to have an ok time! I was so proud of her. This was big for her and it's these little steps that make me so happy for her.

When I picked her up, she barely talked about it. She was more excited about a former teacher who had come back to see the kids this afternoon. So sweet.

Summer has officially begun!! Let the fun begin.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

summer 2010




Summer is HERE!!! It is hot and we are trying to stay cool in the water! Time has flown. I look at the pictures of summer 2008 and it seems like it was yesterday. I hope everyone has a safe and FUN summer!

Monday, May 17, 2010

well taken care of

hiding in the pillows

watching movies in the "fort"

letting Daddy fix my hair

I had some minor surgery last Thursday and my mom came in town to help take care of Abby. Abner had a ball and didn't even want me to do anything. She even had the line "Bunny (my mom) will let me do it" down pat. Wow! How fast they learn. Abby told my mom at 9:00 on Friday morning that she was ready to "run errands" and off they went! My mother did whatever Abs wanted..from hiding under the pillows, to playing anything Abby wanted to play. Thanks so much, Mom, for coming and taking care of Abby (and leaving our fridge full of soft foods) so that I could rest. You are the BEST!! Couldn't have made it without you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!!!

Big smile

Big Kiss

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today my heart is filled with a lot of emotion. I am praising the Lord for all of my friends that are mothers. I am praying for the deep hurt that some of my mommy friends are feeling today. I am thanking HIM for my mom and for my mother in law - I love them both dearly. I am also rejoicing that HE gave ME my precious one that makes me a mommy. I love you Abby!