Tuesday, May 25, 2010

last day of mdo

Today was Abby's last day of MDO. I can't believe the year is already over!

Today Abby's class rode the "adventure train" and, I have to be honest, when we got a note about it I thought Abby would hate it. In fact, when Bo and I started preparing her (she works best if you do that) she said, "I can just say no thank-you and not ride it". Bless her! When we got to school today I saw that the train was literally right there in the parking lot. Abby and I walked right next to it and talked about it. She was kind of freaking out. She cried when I dropped her off, which is not abnormal, but she was worried about riding the train. So...I ran home and grabbed my camera and long lens. I was hiding out in the parking lot to see what she would do! I took a few quick pictures of her. It was hilarious. The class walked out and sat on the curb until it was their turn. Abby was just sitting there, clutching on to her bunny and staring at the train make loops around the parking lot. When it was their turn to get on, she did it and seemed to have an ok time! I was so proud of her. This was big for her and it's these little steps that make me so happy for her.

When I picked her up, she barely talked about it. She was more excited about a former teacher who had come back to see the kids this afternoon. So sweet.

Summer has officially begun!! Let the fun begin.


Katie said...

Ummmm...ok. I think I would be scared of that train, too. Those boards look kind of rickety! Don't tell Abby though.

Way to go, Abs! Z is proud of you. He wouldn't get on a fire truck that came to his school. Maybe next year.
; )

I can't believe those pictures!

Robinson Family said...

so brave! We have to do the same for Riley concerning new experiences. I'm so proud of her for riding it!!!

Leslie said...

Love that post Mandy! You are such a great mom to Abby! Sounds like she did great! It's amazing how adventurous and down right rowdy my boys are after a year of school. Abby is sweet and perfect and she must get it from her MOM and DAD!! Love you both!!