Wednesday, June 18, 2014

summer break...finally!

Summer is finally here!!  We are in the second week and loving it so far.  We have been busy enough but had enough quiet/down time as well.  Lots of swimming and playing with friends.  

Abby brought a ton of things home the last week of school.
I found this in her folder.  Ha!

Dance recital was awesome.  It was Abby's 4th year to dance
and she loves recital time!

We took Sprinkles cupcakes to Bo's office one 
afternoon last week.  The kids LOVE doing that!

Ice cream before bed.

Hunter loves to play golf with Bo.  He would spend all day 
out there if he could.  I love that they do this together.

H finished up swim lessons and we have loved spending 
plenty of time at the pool.  

This week Abby is loving a dance/cheerleading camp every afternoon!  
 Our summer is off to a great start and we are loving every minute!  


Katie said...

Fun! See you soon. Love you!