Thursday, June 12, 2014

20 year reunion

I graduated from a small high school in 1994.  It was a great school, but there were some things about it that let's just say were "unique".  An example would be a stop light in the cafeteria.  If we were too loud it would turn red and we had to stop talking.  We were also dismissed one side of the table at a time.  This was something that happened when we were in high school.   We really didn't know any different but we weren't naive enough to think this was normal either.  We just had no choice.  

Fast forward 20 years and here we are.  We all turned out just fine and we still have this bond that is pretty unique in itself.  We truly love each other.  Most of us still keep in touch.  That's what happens when you meet when you are five and grow up with each other and in each other's homes.  You know each other's families and love them too.  These are my extended family.  For that reason alone, I am so thankful for ole ABHS.  Here's to 20 more!

Had to add this picture too.  My sweet sil kept my kids (along with her 4) while we were in LR. 
Bless her and ALL she had to deal with while we were gone.  : )


Justin Wallraven said...

There are no people I'd rather be "stop-lighted" with at 18 years of age than you guys, Mando!

Mer said...

We had a GREAT time playing with cousins! Yay…and glad ya'll made it…by the skin of your teeth!