Sunday, November 3, 2013

my little camper

Abby and her daddy just got back from a weekend Adventure Princess campout.
I was worried about it honestly.  Not because of danger but because Abby woke up crying on Friday and was worried about everything you can imagine.  She ended up having the BEST time, 
but I am not gonna lie....I was worried about it for Bo's sake.

Once they got there and Abby didn't see bears anywhere, she was good to go!

They went on hikes, boat rides, archery, got their faces painted, 
attended tribal counsel and roasted smores by their big fire.

Meanwhile back in Big D Hunter and I had a great time together as well.
We went fishing at the lake, dinner out both nights, Saturday we went to the Ft. Worth
Children's Museum and to a park.  He LOVED Curious George at the museum.

He also loved playing with the trains.  

It was a fun weekend for everyone!!