Sunday, November 24, 2013

lights, cold weather, frosty and the tree

Every year I have said that I wanted Christmas lights.  This year we got them and I am so excited!!
The first night they were on, Hunter ran out to see them.  
He said, "it's amazing!" and was so happy.  
Love it and just everything about this time of the year.

It has been a COLD weekend.  The kids wanted to go out and play.
They were inside about five minutes later.

We watched this "growing" snowman for 24 hours.
It was actually pretty cool to see him grow his fluff.

I was dead set that we don't get our tree out until Friday after Thanksgiving.
After church today we had nothing else going on for the rest of the day so I 
caved and it's now up.  I love it.  No other Christmas decorations
are out, but the tree takes the most time and Christmas is only a month away.

My little helper today.

We are so looking forward to a week off of our schedule.  No school, no alarm clock and no where we have to be.  We have some fun things planned and I am looking forward to focusing on everything we are thankful for this week.  Even though some of our tree is up, I still love Thanksgiving and won't forget about our blessings this week.  So thankful.


Mer said...

Love that sweet pic of the kids all bundled up!!!! Enjoy your no schedule week!