Sunday, October 6, 2013

weeks are flying

I am really not sure how, but the weeks are just flying by.  Abby has been in school for six weeks and cooler weather has finally arrived in Dallas.  Hunter misses Abby during the week. It's sweet to see them play together and really interact more the older he gets.  

We still manage to squeeze in some play dates.  It's been fun to have some with
a few of Hunter's friends while Abs is in school.  

And this past weekend, I got some time to myself with a girlfriend.  We went to Canton, did some shopping and enjoyed a night out in Legacy.  The weather was perfect and it was great to sleep in this morning.   Always nice to get away every once in a while!   Here's to another week!!


Mer said...

Yee haw! Glad you got away! SIX WEEKS DOWN!