Sunday, October 20, 2013

fall is here and I LOVE IT

The cool weather has arrived and there are many fun things going on.  It's great!  
On Friday, the kids got to take their picture with the school mascot.  
Hunter also wanted his with the cheerleaders.  : )

While Abby was at school, Hunter and I were able to sneak away and
hit the state fair with my brother and his family.  SO FUN!
Hunter could have stayed a week.  He picked the giant ferris 
wheel to ride first.  It's huge...and scary.  H loved it.

Our neighborhood has a fall carnival every year and it is great fun as well.
We went on a hay ride, the kids had their faces painted, bounced in the bounce house, 
made balloon animals and Hunter found this football game to play with the big boys.
Hunter loved this and was right in there with them making most shots.

Such a busy, but fun time of year. I wouldn't trade any of it.  Bo's parents came up this weekend too and it was good to visit with them.  Thankful for our families and fun times together!

Love FALL!


Katie said...

That's great Bo's parents came to visit. Love you!

Mer said...

Don't tell Abby we missed her! Ha!