Wednesday, September 11, 2013


  School, MDO, soccer tots, dance and BSF are 
now officially in full swing and it's like a whole new world.  Abby is adjusting better and loving her class.  Hunter doesn't have any issues adjusting so that makes life easier.  Last night about 6:45 Hunter looked at Bo and said, "I just so tired" and off he went to bed.  We all did and it was glorious. 

A few random iphone pics since I don't use my camera hardly at all anymore.  So sad.

Abby had Grandparent's Day at school last Friday.
My mom came in town for that and to celebrate Abby's 
birthday early.  Love this woman.

Hunter and I take selfies in the car during
the carpool line.  Good times all around.

That's it for now.  Nothing exciting at all.....just all about being BUSY!  : )


Katie said...

Wish I could watch Hunter in soccer tots. ; )

So glad Abby is doing better.

Love you.