Thursday, September 19, 2013

priceless picture and a big step

A friend snapped this picture of us on Abby's first day of school.  

I wanted her to take it.  

I also have plenty of Santa and Easter Bunny shots of my kids screaming.  It's not that I like to see them upset, but I want to remember these special events with or without tears.   I love this picture.  My heart was breaking even though I knew the first day would be tough for Abby.  It's gotten much better.  She actually got out of the car today and walked in with a friend instead of me parking and walking
her up the hill and waiting on a friend to walk in with her.  Baby steps!  


Mer said...

Awww!!! You are a sweet and patient mamma!! I'm so proud of Abs...big steps indeed!

Katie said...

That's a BIG step! Z won't walk in by himself. ; )