Friday, July 5, 2013

happy(?) 4th of july week

Happy Friday!

 It's been quite the week around here.  Abby came down with strep throat on Tuesday and has been running fever ever since.  Needless to say....we are a little stir crazy around here!

H was watching the bird man get the birds out of our chimney on Tuesday. 
Pretty much the highlight.of.the.week.

Sweet girl missed the neighborhood 4th of July party but I told her
she could stay up to watch fireworks since you can see them from our house.

She snoozed before they started but then watched a few.
Then politely asked to go to bed. 

Here's hoping the weekend looks up around here!


Katie said...

Hope things get better around there soon! At least you're getting lots of snuggles? ; )

Mer said...

I just love that last pic of Abby!!!