Tuesday, July 23, 2013

cousin camp 2013 - just a few of my favorites

We just got back from the fifth annual cousin camp in Houston.  Everyone had a great time and Mimi outdid herself once again.  We started the weekend off with a birthday party for Papa.  
He turned 70 on Friday!

Every morning the kids came down to a new breakfast set up.  Saturday was Circus Day.

Sunday was a fun day of swimming at Papa and Mimi's awesome club pool!
The kids woke up to all sorts of water toys and goldfish.

Our schedule

Sunday evening was family picture time.  The photographer managed to get
some amazing pics.  Not sure how she did it with all of us!

Sno cone time!

Monday we had a birthday party for all of the kids at Pump It Up!  We had the whole place to ourselves and the kids even got to jump in a glow-in-the-dark room!  It was tons of fun.
We had pizza and each child got a bday present and we sang "Happy Birthday"to each child.

Cousin Camp is one of those things that my kids love every summer.  It is a fun time for all the cousins to get together and is getting better and better as the kids get older.  Fun memories that we all will remember for a life time!  Thanks, Mimi and Papa for a great time!


Mer said...

That is so so so fun! I LOVE the birthday party idea! Just knock it all out at once..genius:)