Thursday, March 14, 2013

spring break 2013

We just returned from a quick trip to see my brother, sis in law and their sweet kiddos. 
It was a BLAST!!  Their house is amazing and like a little "resort" all to itself.
Hunter spent most of the time on the tennis/basketball court playing. 

Abby spent most of her afternoons in the pool.

Cousin swim time!

Hunter LOVED my brother.  It was so precious.

Sweet David.  So happy he is in our family.  Wasn't the same until he completed us!

After two solid days of basketball, riding on bikes, swimming, eating, running around, movie watching, Wii playing, jumping on the trampoline and more running around....

Hunter was POOPED!  

And, yes, the pool is in the shape of a RAZORBACK.
Woo Pig Sooie!

Great spring break!  Thanks to the family for having us and letting us invade. 
Couldn't have been more fun!


Katie said...

Love that Hunter is still gripping onto Hotdog!

Mer said...

Need that pic of David!!! We enjoyed every sec..thanks for coming! Your pics were great..mine too dark! Need them....