Thursday, March 7, 2013


I have been really lazy about taking pictures lately.  We have been really busy and have had a lot of fun the last few weeks but I just haven't been good about documenting it.  

Hunter is OBSESSED with Chuck E Cheese right now.  He talks about him every day.
I took the kids one day this week and we had the whole place to ourselves.
CEC came out TWICE while we were there and the kids
were in heaven....especially Hunter.

I adore this boy...and those cheeks.

Abby had a book parade at her school.  She was McKenna, an American Girl who
is a gymnast.  She did great and had a good time wearing a leotard to school.
She also has a really lose tooth.  THAT to me is crazy. She isn't old
enough for that, right?


Mer said...

A loose tooth?!!!!! No way!!!!! She looks really grown up in that pic! So pretty:)

Melissa said...

Isn't it craZY that our kids are getting SO darn big?? Makes me sad!