Thursday, February 21, 2013

busy week

We have had a BUSY week!!  We got back from Houston Monday and haven't slowed down.
Weeks like this fly by but I feel like I haven't stopped all week.

On Tuesday, Bo's co-worker was the mystery reader at Abby's school.
This was something she wanted to do and talked about it for weeks. 
She did a great job and Abby keeps asking if she will come back!

On Wednesday, Abby's school had Roses for Mom. 
It was a sweet time where the kids sang to us and loved
on us a bit.  We ate cake and Abby gave me a rose.

Our week was full of play dates.  Hunter LOVES
Eddie.  One of his favorite people in the world.
They love to play basketball together and Eddie
is just so sweet with him.

Hunter is obsessed with the ipad.  Bo may have to get 
another one soon because this one is now Hunter's.  He watches
basketball videos...believe it or not!

Time for some rest after this week!


Katie said...

Love that he watches bball videos!

Mer said...

Wow Eddie has GROWN! See you SOON!