Friday, December 14, 2012

the last few days...

I am so thankful it is FRIDAY!

Hunter has been sick all week long.

I can't thank my neighbors enough for
taking Abby to school, picking her up, 
taking her to their house for play dates and bringing me
Diet Cokes and even lunch one day!
I am so thankful.


I am about to LOSE it in this house!!!!

 All iphone pics but a few things we have been doing.

Sat on Hot Dog and Minnie while watching tv.
Lots and lots of tv.

Guess he got bored enough to hang out in the shoe basket.
Totally understand.  I could have crawled in there myself.

He didn't do a lot of sleeping this week unless we were in the car.
This was in the car headed to the dr for the second time this week.

It's Friday and he is much better.  He slept all night last night so that 
was a big improvement.  He needs about a 4 hour nap today.
Yeah, right!  : )   BIG TGIF.


Katie said...

Hope he does get a 4 hour nap! I'll be jealous. ; )

Glad he's feeling better!

Mer said...

What a sweetie:) Glad he's on the mends!