Friday, December 21, 2012

parties, program and piercings

This week has been busy.  Abby had her class Christmas party on Wed.
It was a fun party with crafts, snacks, games and a book exchange.

Getting ready for the book exchange.

Thursday was her school Christmas program.  I couldn't believe that she actually got on the
stage, saw us and didn't come running down the aisle.  She did GREAT!

Abby had early release after her program so we headed down to the Galleria
(not the smartest idea 5 days before Christmas).  We got Caroline's hair fixed
(yes, they actually have chairs and people that do this) and got her
ears pierced.  It was actually pretty cute, but the best part was the
excitement and look on Abby's face.  She was in heaven.  Priceless.

Happy it's Friday!!!  


Katie said...

Fun! Sounds like our week!