Sunday, November 25, 2012

thanksgiving week 2012

Luke, Abby, Samuel and Ian

The Lorhdings stayed with us Monday and Tuesday night.  
They came back for Turkey Day lunch.
Wishing them the BEST as they move to Nashville!!  

Katie and her family joined us on Wednesday.
Cousin time!!

My boys on Turkey Day!

Katie doing some cooking.

Full after lunch.

This boy melts my heart.  I can't look at him and not think about
Reese.  He is here because she is in Heaven.  That is a hard concept to even
wrap my brain around but he is a precious, happy boy. He makes
me (and more importantly my sister) smile. I love this precious
BLESSING from the Lord.  Praise be to HIM!


Melissa said...

LOVE all these holiday pics. Everyone looks so happy!