Sunday, November 11, 2012

315 and 316/365

Thankful for family pictures.

Our photographer texted me this picture of a test shot.  
The look on Bo's face is just panic.  Makes me laugh!

Thankful for a pot of soup on my stovetop this cold, rainy afternoon.

Thankful for an amazing church and pastor.  We have been studying Galatians the 
past few months and it's been so powerful.  I am so thankful for our pastor and
all that I have been learning because of what the Holy Spirit has laid on 
his heart to share with "his people".   


The Rohman Family said...

Yes, Bo's face is PRICELESS :)

Mer said...

THat is hysterical. I took a nap today. Sure the cold rain!

Melissa said...

That is flippin' hilarious!

Matt and Brynn Hodder said...

I'm so happy to know that we are not alone in the agony of family photos. My whole crew looks at me like I'm nuts. Just did ours yesterday morning and it is never fun. Why? Why? Thanks Bo--lots of laughs from you.

texasbean said...

Too late now, Bo. Too late now...