Monday, July 9, 2012

more of the same

After playing outside in all the water stuff it started to rain.  Abby and Grayson thought it was hilarious that they were "getting wet".  However, they were already soaking wet before it started raining.


I know that most every picture I have taken this summer has been out in our back yard.  Well, we have done a LOT of playing outside this summer.  It's been so easy to have friends over to play and H can run around his territory and he can take a nap when he needs to.  It's been great.  The kids have loved it and I actually get to talk to my friends that come visit and don't have to chase kids in a crowded place and not talk to people.  Today my friend Tracy came over with her three.  Tracy and I have known each other since we both lived in Houston and our husbands worked together.  Her two boys have a crush on Abby and it is hilarious.  It's always fun when we get together.  Another fun summer day!


theschmoo said...

"My umbrella brings all the boys in the yard..." Love that girl. Move.