Wednesday, July 11, 2012

cousin time

Dinner outside!  Bo got to meet David for the first time.


The girls.  Abby was in heaven.


My sil and the kids came for a quick visit this week!  We had a great time catching up and the kids loved playing with each other.  We were with the girls and my brother in Colorado, but my sil and the boys stayed home this year.  I loved getting to spend more time with sweet David.  He fits right in and gave Abby a big hug when they left.  Thanks for coming to see us!


Katie said...

Ah I'm just a little bit jealous. ; )

Leslie said...

Love these pictures!! Looks like David is doing great!! Such a special family you have. Miss you Bains!!

Mer said...

Great pics!!! Made it to Dillon..answered the questions with all the right answers...he he..yeah right. Made it back safely. Allie ran inside and said she couldn't take it anymore...mama mama mama mama mama ha ha! Love you sis. THANKS SO MUCH for letting us come and play!