Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 months...really?

Where in the world did the last 10 months go?  Before I know it Christmas will be over, January will be here and Hunter will be ONE.  That is a crazy thought!  
Hunter is still sweet and happy as always.  He is very content and loves to be out and about.  Still not sleeping that great, but that is the only real thing I can complain about.  I try to be thankful for everything, but starting every day THAT early (about 5) is difficult.  We have decided to make him stay in his bed until 6, so I turn the monitor off and set my alarm for 6 and then get him up to start the day!  Hunter is crawling around everywhere and pulling up on everything!  He loves to stand up.  You can tell he is so proud of himself when he does that.  He has had a few ear infections this past month but as of yesterday we are clear!  I pray it stays that way.  Hunter is a perfect addition and COMPLETION to our family!  Love this boy more than words can say!


Matt and Brynn Hodder said...

So cute. Completion? Seriously, Mandy...just one more. You make such cute babies. I need a Bain Baby to snuggle with when we return so I hope you'll come through for me! HA. What a blessed family. So glad we call you our friends.

Katie said...

So glad his ears are clear!

I can't believe he is pulling up. Can't wait to spend time with him!

Kimberly said...

Love the little boy love!!!!
Those early mornings are killers though!