Monday, August 22, 2011

first soccer practice

Abby had her first soccer practice on Saturday morning.  I signed Abby up knowing that there was a good chance that she would hate it....and I was kind of right.

We started off great.  She was running with the team and following the coach doing everything she said. Then it was time for a water break.  She started sobbing saying she hated it and wanted to go home.  The team got back together and she refused to join them.  I sat her down and we talked about what she didn't like.  She said she was hot and tired of running.  Well, it was REALLY hot and I didn't blame her one bit, but tried to encourage her to finish practice with the team.  She did, but still says it's not her favorite.  We will try again next Saturday.  Lord help us when the games start.  Yikes!

Think we will stick to dance!  : )


Kimberly said...

I'm like Abby. Never really liked team sports. I'm already sweating next week's dance recital. Fingers crossed!

Mer said...

It is only 105 deg. I don't know why fall can't feel like will be hot until november...and then the season will be over...guess I'm not really encouraging huh?? Mary starts back dance today, and she's NOT real excited..says IT makes her legs tired. She wouldn't last 5 min on the soccer field!

Katie said...

Abby loo! Way to go, girlfriend. ; ) You are rockin' those pink shin guards!

What is the team's name?