Monday, August 29, 2011

draft weekend

L and S loved Hunter

Luke giving H some love

I have no idea why I don't have pictures of the little girls.  
Guess they were too busy.

We got to have some fun too!

This past weekend was the 11th annual draft weekend for our husbands.  There are 16 of them.  All great friends from Baylor.   The guys go draft and have a good time together and the girls and kids get together and have some fun too.

Leslie and Ashley don't live in Dallas anymore so they came in town on Friday and the weekend began with pizza and a not at all quiet night at home!   Saturday we met the rest of the girls and kids at the Galleria to play and eat lunch.  Everyone then headed home for nap time.  Then it was off to the pool for a bit.   NEVER a dull moment!!!     The moms met up for dinner that night and we got to have some fun by ourselves too!  It's so neat that our husbands were all fraternity brothers first and now the wives are such good friends.  Love these girls!   Sunday the boys returned about noon and everyone went on their way.   It was a crazy, non-stop weekend but so much fun.  The kids played SO WELL together and it is so fun to see them becoming such great friends too.  Loved every minute!!


Leslie said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for always opening up your house to my crazy family! Truly appreciate you so much!! Love your kids and you so much!!!

Melissa said...

Love the pic of H sittin' with the boys. SO dang cute!