Saturday, March 12, 2011

hunter's room

People have been asking me about picture of Hunter's room. Well, here ya go! It's simple and I love it. We do have a blue rocking chair that will be in there at some point, but right now it's in our room since that is where he has been sleeping. We moved Abby in to her room at 2 months and I guess we will do the same for H, but since his room is upstairs and next to Abby's room it's nice having him close for those fun night feedings.

Had to include the last picture because it's CREEPY. I plugged in the video monitor when a friend was over at our house and needed a crib for her son to take a nap. I had plugged in this part of the monitor, but not the camera part. I turned it on and can see ANOTHER KID'S CRIB (and here the other kid is sleeping) on OUR monitor. CREEPY. No idea who this kid is, but I just pray that when we do plug in our camera, no one can see my boy sleeping. Did I mention this is creeping me out???? And, p.s., I know "blog world" is crazy, so if this is your kid, I am sorry we have been watching him/her sleep. I have not wanted this experience, I promise!


Cora Bouch said...

Hi. Love the room! I came over from Katie's blog. We purchased a video monitor from Sam's Club. It's not an actually a "baby" monitor but a security camera. It's suppose to be safer so you cannot pick-up anyone elses signal and they can't pick up yours.
It's probably one of your neighbors kids. Freaky! I think we paid $140 for ours and have had it for a year with no problems.

Shannon said...

Very cute!! Our monitor does the same thing. It is our next door neighbor's baby. When Westin wasn't sleeping through the night I would click over and look at the other baby sleeping and dream of the day. Hahaha We know them so it's okay. The freaky part though is when I'm watching Westin sleep and all of a sudden another baby is CRYING in MY monitor! Weird!!

Donna said...

Darling nursery!!! Thanks for posting it!
Our baby monitor is great problems when our grandbaby is sleeing here.

But maybe that is because all our neighbors are over 70!!!

Katie said...

That happened with us too at our old house! It was our neighbors across the street, and we would check on our "other" baby often. Ha!

We could even hear his parents talking! Crazy.

Miss E said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it.... simplicity is great but has the perfect personal touches.... where did you get that fabulous aged over-sized safety pin