Thursday, March 3, 2011

brotherly/sisterly love

Abby LOVES Hunter. She asks about him all the time and I love it. She is so sweet with him and has been a huge help! She entertains him when I need a minute to fix a bottle or run to get something. She helps me with his stroller and just really has been precious with him.

No. Things are not perfect. In fact, she told me the other night that she doesn't like me anymore, but I would rather her take this out on me than on Hunter.

Thank you, Lord, for this new addition to the family. I had LOW expectations for Abby (no offense but I have learned to set the bar low and then appreciate when they are great!) and she has just risen above and done outstanding! I can't wait to watch them grow up together and love each other even more!


Katie said...

He's a serious little man. I definitely see you and Bo in his face. I love his skinny legs! I don't see those at our house! Ha.

It will be so much fun watching all the cousins grow up together. ; )

Mer said...

It only gets better!!!!!! I'm so glad it's going so well..I'm not surprised..that Abba has been mamma since she could talk!