Monday, July 19, 2010

cousin camp 2010

Mimi, Papa and Abby


All 5 cousins

Sack races

Anna Jane reading to her cousins

Picture day

Painting some pottery

Circus day

Abby watched this year, but it started out a bit loud

My Gym party

Last week, we were in Houston for Cousin Camp! Bo's parents planned a fun week for the cousins! Abby was so tired every day, she took 3 hour naps. Who was this child?? Abby had a great time with her cousins every day. They really played well together. Besides the planned activities, the kids swam every day and also had some fun cousin olympic games.

The first day was a trip to Old Macdonald's Farm outside of Houston. It was a bit too hot for this momma, so I opted out of this event, but everyone had a great time feeding animals, riding horses and swimming!

The second day, a photographer came over and took pictures of the kids. We have seen a few samples and they turned out so great! That afternoon, we went to a pottery place and painted a few things and then headed to Chuck-E-Cheese.

The third day was Circus Day! Abby had a great time this year! It started out a bit loud, but she warmed up and watched the whole show. Her favorite part was the puppies that came out in dresses and jumped around the stage. She laughed so hard! I loved it.

The fourth day, the kids went to a swimming place called Noah's Ark and then to Chick Fil A for lunch. Bo went with Abby to this event as well. It was a great way to cool off from the heat!

The last day, Mimi rented My Gym for the kids to have their own party. Abby was a bit worn out at this point (as you can imagine) and watched the others a bit, but enjoyed parts of it as well.

What a fun week at Mimi and Papa's house! Thank you both so much! We had a great time and after we catch up on some sleep...we will be ready for next year! : )


Katie said...

So much fun!!

Abby is such a big girl. Love all your pics.

Mer said...

HOly smokes! Why did we pay to go to Pine Cove...we are going to Houston next year!

Kimberly said...

Can we enroll in Cousin Camp next year?! OMG looks so fun. 3 hour! I miss and love you, friend. Always.

Melissa said...

You have the coolest in-laws! How fun is that?? Abby is a lucky little girl! LOVE the Olympic event! So cute!

Robinson Family said...

What a spectacular idea! I want to go! Do they take cousin applications?! I am stowing this away when we're grandparents and doing this. FABulous.