Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Karlie, Kade and Abby

Karlie driving Abby around. So fun!

My dancing queen

Our family!

A kiss from my girl

Abby and Reid

We had a big 4th of July!

After nap time, we headed over to the Browns for bbq. We had a ball, as always, with precious friends. On our way home, we decided to stop by the neighborhood party at the lake. They had a d.j. and Abby thought that was the best thing ever. She danced and danced. My friends who know Abby well were in shock watching her dance around screaming and laughing. It was a riot. We ended up staying to watch the fireworks which we had not really planned on. We didn't think there was any way Abs would stay up that late! Abby loved them at first and then decided they were too loud for her. However, she enjoyed watching them with her ears covered. What a great holiday! Hope you all had a great 4th of July too.


Melissa said...

Precious pics, Mandy! LOVE the one of our kiddos! They look TOO cute together! Thanks for posting!

Mer said...

Love all the pics..especially of the one of the three of YOU!!!!! Glad you had a great weekend! love you!

Robinson Family said...

LOVE those dancing pictures. Obviously she picked up her "clubbing" skillz from her Mama. :o)

Katie said...

Hmmmm...dancing queen!!? I wonder who she gets that from. ; )

Bo for sure! Should I post his Pigskin video?? We know he has moves.

Leslie said...

Love Abby dancing!! She is such a sweet girl! Miss you Bains!!

Jen said...

LOVE the pictures!!! The ones of Abs dancing crack me up! Who does she remind me of when she dances??... oh yeah, YOU!!!!