Monday, October 5, 2009

woooo pig sooie!!!!

The adults of the family outside of "Jerry World"

Allie, Garrett, Mary, Zach and Abby

Pappy telling Abby secrets

The razorback cheerleaders!

My whole family was in town this past weekend for the Arkansas Razorback and Texas A & M game at the new Cowboy's stadium! We had a BALL. The kids played and played. Abby loved having her cousins to play with. The adults loved watching all the kids play together. We all loved that the Hogs won the game!

It is such a blessing that we were able to get together and spend time as a family. Reese was missed this past weekend, I am not going to lie. I thought about her a lot and I know that the rest of us did too. However, as I told Katie, she is happy in heaven with Jesus and all our CRAZY family members that have gone ahead of us. I am jealous of that! Thank you for all of your prayers for my family and especially my sister and brother in law. Keep them up.


Jill said...

I am ready to see some green and gold on that girl! Those were great pictures. Glad you had a fun time.

Dunhams said...

Such cute pictures! I'm glad y'all had such a fun weekend!!

Leslie said...

I'm sure it seemed like she was missing all weekend and my heart breaks for all of you. Katie looks amazing though and is able to smile such a beautiful smile. And yes when is that girl gonna wear some green and gold. I thought her daddy would put a stop to all that pig sooie business!!