Monday, October 19, 2009

another weekend trip!

Chloe and Abby

Super Woman!

The birthday boy

This past weekend, we took a trip to Houston! There were a couple of different reasons for this trip so close to our trip last weekend to Arkansas. My friend Kimberly and her daughter Chloe were visiting Houston after living in Perth, Australia for the last 8 months. They will be living in Australia for 4 years and I promised Kim that I would come to Houston to see her any time she came home. We had a good time catching up and letting the girls play together at Chuck E Cheese.
Friday night, we went to a 60s party at the Bain's church. It was a hoot! I wish I had better pictures of us all dressed up. We turned lots of heads at dinner before the party. Abby danced her heart out that night and stayed up until 9:15!
Saturday was Charlie's 3rd birthday party. He had a Superman party and it was a blast. The weather was perfect for the outside party!
Another great weekend of fun. Abby is a total ROCK STAR traveler! I love taking her places!! I hope this lasts a long time.


Robinson Family said...

I've been calling it Wonder Woman this whole time but YES! She's obviously more ways than one! And what costume does a SuperMommy wear? ;-) I want to see those 60's pics by the way!

Mer said...

She's making up for all that Whaling in the crib! Yeah glad she's a great traveler! Where to next???