Saturday, September 20, 2014

middle of Sept?

How is it the middle of Sept already?  School started and all of the kid's after school activities began and weekends are full.  Labor Day was a blast with many friends, Arkansas games have been fun to watch this year, Grandparent's Day was last week and Hunter finally got to putt on the green since Papa was in town.  You would have thought he won a million dollars.  Seriously, it's the happiest I have ever seen the boy.  A picture of the Bain boys before a round of golf.  

Grandparent's Day at school.

While the boys golfed, the girls headed to the AG store.

And the BIGGEST news of Sept is that 
my big girl turned SEVEN this week!  

We literally celebrated all week.  

I am ready for some cooler weather but I think fall is headed our way.  I love it!
Happy almost fall!


JT said...

Where did you get those sweet Happy Birthday Donuts? Too cute!