Sunday, July 13, 2014

cousin camp 2014

We got home from Colorado, unpacked and repacked for our 
6th annual Cousin Camp in Houston!
This year it was over the 4th of July weekend so, of course, the theme was red, white and blue.
Mimi did not disappoint!!  We arrived on Thursday and started decorating our bikes for 
the neighborhood parade!

We won many awards for costume and decorations. 

It was steamy in Houston so we spent lots of time swimming!

We had sparklers and watched the fireworks that Friday night.

Saturday we spent most of the day doing an Amazing Race around Houston.  It was so much fun.
I didn't have time to stop and take pictures...too busy racing!  : )

Sunday we headed to Dave and Busters for the kid's half-birthday parties.
Each child gets to celebrate and it is always a fun party.  

Another successful Cousin Camp is in the books!!  Thanks to Mimi and Papa for all that 
they do for us!  It's a highlight of our summer for sure.

Lacy always puts together a video for us.  I love this!!


Katie said...

Oh my gosh the parade picture is GREAT! Ya'll should have won all the awards! Love the red, white, and blue theme, too.