Sunday, May 25, 2014

our week

Things are starting to wrap up and summer is almost here.  H finished soccer tots
after a year of playing with this crew.  We may go back in the fall but right now 
we are trying little sluggers for the summer.  

He loved the first class.

Abby had dance pics this week.  3 costumes and 3 different hair styles about
did me in. I am no dance mom but Abby loves this part of it so if it
makes her happy.....

Abs has been talking alot about her cousin, Reese lately.  She insisted on wearing her 
Race to Remember shirt to school the other day.  In the bathtub the other night I heard this conversation:
A:  Hey Hunter did you know we have a cousin in Heaven?
H: Yes.  Reese!
A:  You are right, Hunter!  You know what else?
H:  She is beautiful.

My heart just smiled.  I love that my kids know about their cousin and
talk about her.  Yes, Hunter, she is beautiful and you will meet her one day.

Abby still has 2 weeks of school...bless her heart!  We are all about done in this house and ready for lazy mornings and lots of fun summer plans!  Can't wait!!


Mer said...

SOOO sweet. I love this.