Monday, April 7, 2014

time away

Bo and I just returned from a long weekend away and it was awesome.  

Bo won this trip for the fourth year in a row for being one of the top producers at his bank.  I am always so proud of him but hearing his bosses brag on him makes me even prouder.  
They reward them well as they should!  
This year we went to Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach/Laguna CA.  It was a beautiful place.

The awards dinner was at the Nixon Library and was pretty amazing.

A fun place to get away and relax.  A BIG thanks to my parents for coming to 
Dallas to watch the kids. They had a great time!!!


Katie said... read a book!?! ; ) Great pics my beautiful sista!

Congrats to Bo!

Mer said...

So fun!! Go BO! Ahhhh…great pics!