Saturday, March 15, 2014

spring break part 2

On Thursday, H had MDO again, so Abby and I did some more shopping and met Bo for lunch. This was the highlight of Abby's week.  
We grabbed Sprinkles cupcakes and went up to his office for a bit.
After we picked up H, we went to the pool again with friends and closed it down.  

Friday was a beautiful day and we headed to the arboretum with friends.
It was so much fun to be out and enjoy the scenery and play all day long.

Friday evening the pool had a DJ, pool games and the grill was on for dinner!  
After hitting the pool three times this week we are really ready for summer!

It was truly a great spring break!


Mer said...

Love the Arboretum pics! (or however you spelled it!) You got some really good ones!:)

Katie said...

So glad ya'll had fun! I'm ready for our SB!