Tuesday, January 7, 2014

favorite iphone pics from the holidays

Fun at Bunny and Pappys!

A night at the Capitol to see the lights.  

Christmas Eve service

Boy fun on Christmas morning.

Beautiful sunset

We got home and the kids were worn out!! 

We spent the weekend at a friend's ranch.  Bo went hunting
for the first time and loved it!

On New Year's Eve, Abby got her ears pierced!  She was so excited.
She also knocked out her front tooth the day before.  It was a big couple of days.
She looks 10 in this picture.   I don't like it.


Mer said...

She does look 10 in that picture..watch out…she will be tomorrow!

Katie said...

I can't get over how she's losing teeth. Zach doesn't even have a loose one! Ha. Love Abby's ears! So proud of her.