Tuesday, October 30, 2012

arkansas visit

Another fun weekend in Arkansas!
We arrived on Thursday and went to a pumpkin patch that afternoon 
before the colder weather moved in.

The kids fed some animals.

There was a HUGE sunflower maze to walk thru.

They had corn for the kids to play in.  This was their favorite part.

Always time for a hay ride on a John Deere! 

This boy keeps me laughing.

Heading to the Razorback game on Saturday.

Abby and sweet Mary.

We went out to see the house my parents are building.  
The kids just wanted to play in the sand.

These two loved each other.  

We had a GREAT time just
hanging with Bunny, Pappy and the cousins.

Thanks for having us Mom and Dad!
Always fun to come HOME.


Mer said...

Love all the pics!!! So fun!

Katie said...

Can't WAIT until we are all in the NEW home! And there's actually room to move.

Love the pictures, and I would pout, too with the couch and chair gone! ; )