Sunday, August 26, 2012

draft weekend 2012

Friday night.  Playing after a little pizza.  I love all that is going on in this picture.  Hilarious.

The boys.  Hunter LOVED all of them.

We talked Abby in to joining the boys for a quick picture.  Yep.  My kid again with no clothes.

Luke especially loved Hunter and kept asking his mom if they could have another baby at their house!

Oh, draft weekend.  It happens the same time every year.  We all know it's coming and make our own plans while the guys lock themselves away for now almost a week long vacation.  Meanwhile we chase the kids around and try to keep them from killing each other....all while we try to stay sane.

No, really, it's a lot of fun and we girls go out and have some fun adult time too.  The kids always get along so well and the older they get the better they are and, honestly, more fun it is.  The moms have some time to catch up because the kids are entertaining each other.  It really is a fun weekend for everyone.

I can't believe I didn't get a group shot at dinner last night.  There's always next year!

Now it's time for a NAP.


Leslie said...

LOVE YOU!!!!! Already missing your family!!! Thanks for everything. Yes Luke is still asking about HUNTER! :)

Katie said...