Friday, December 30, 2011

11 months

I say it EVERY month, but how in the WORLD is Hunter 11 months already?  Time has flown and it seems to keep getting faster.

Hunter is precious.  He has had some more ear trouble and we have become regulars at the dr.'s office.  I mean like once a week regulars.  However, his ears really don't seem to affect his mood too much, thank goodness for that.  Sleep is still an issue and that is just annoying at this point.  He is a happy-go-lucky boy and is really content most of the time.  He still loves getting out and about and will go to most anyone.  He is eating lots of finger foods now and that is FABULOUS!  It takes in forever to eat anything, so he sits in his high chair and eats a lot during the day!  Some will read this and say "no wonder your kids is so big", BUT I cut up a strawberry and it takes him 10 min to eat that.  He is just slow.

He is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.  Especially my LEG at 5:00 when it's time to get dinner started.  So....mommy puts him back in his high chair and he eats.  Again!

Hunter, we love you so much and so happy that we got to celebrate your first Christmas with our family.  You are a blessing to us and we can't believe we will be celebrating your FIRST birthday SOON!


Mer said...

This year has FLOWN by for me! ba ha! love that sweet boy. He truly is so content and smiley! love him!

Katie said...

Love you, Hunt!