Sunday, January 16, 2011

another sweet celebration

Last night, two friends from my neighborhood play group gave me a precious shower to celebrate Hunter's arrival! It was a casserole shower and each person brought a frozen casserole so my freezer would be stocked and ready with some yummy meals once he is here. Hunter also got some new things as well....diapers, bibs, burp cloths and a few new clothes.

It was a fun night of eating and laughing with these moms that I have known since Abby was about 6 months old. It is so neat to watch our kids grow up together and live so close to each other. Just another reason why we couldn't move out of this neighborhood. Thank you so much Melissa and Stacy for a great night. It was just perfect and I am honored to call you all friends!


Mer said...

A casserole shower...THAT's AWESOME! Hey we need to think about giving you a blog make over.....just sayin' Need to make a spot for the little man. Like you don't have enough to think about!

Katie said...

So much fun! Great idea!

Melissa said...

Loved hosting the shower for you! SO much fun and can't wait for little Hunter to arrive!

Donna said...

What a bunch of beautiful women!!

What a fabulous idea...a casserole shower...terrific! Hope you have a BIG freezer!!
Looking forward to seeing new baby pics!!