Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hog/A&M weekend 2010

Watching Jason and Katie land

Abs and Z picked up where they left off

Colson and Abby

Giving up on getting a good pic

Genius idea...climbing up the air mattress and sliding down

Mom and Dad with Garrett, Abs and Zach

Mom and Dad with the grandkids

Me and my favorite cheerleader

The whole crew

What a crazy, fun weekend we had at the Bain house! It was time for the Arkansas Razorbacks to meet up with the Texas Aggies once again at Cowboy Stadium. The whole family came in for the big game. We had a ball to say the least! The kids ran around this house and played very well together.

Mom and Dad arrived on Thursday and it was truly the calm before the storm. Jason, Katie, Zach and Colson flew in on Friday morning. It was fun watching them land at this tiny "airport" in the middle of Plano. Abby and Zach took off running and precious Colson was the happiest baby I have ever met in my life. We grabbed lunch and headed home thinking the kids would nap, but who had time for sleep? Faber and his whole gang arrived Friday afternoon. We ate dinner here and settled in for the night. The night was not complete without a good game of hearts, however.

Saturday morning, everyone headed different directions for a bit. Faber and Meredith met some friends for coffee and Dad and Jason ran a 5k in Grapevine. We had a big brunch here, tried to take some pictures of the whole family and then headed out to the game!! It wasn't a super great game, but the HOGS did pull out a win. We got home around 8 and the Longview crew headed back home. After eating some pizza, we all crashed.

Sunday morning, Mom and Dad literally ran out of the house. I think they were ready to get back home for some peace and quiet! They didn't even tell me and Katie good-bye. The suitcases were flying down the sidewalk. It was pretty funny. I wish I had taken a picture. Bo, Abby and I took Katie and her family to the "airport" and loaded them up. We watched them take off and were headed home in no time.

I think I could sleep for a week. I wish I could! The weekend was so much fun and I look forward to all being together again. We don't get to do it often with such crazy schedules and such, but it is always a ball when we do. I love ya, fam. I praise the Lord for each of you and what HE has done in our lives this year. I can't not mention sweet Reese in this post too. You were with us in spirit and we all thought about you this weekend too. Thanks for watching out for us baby girl!


Mer said...

Love your post! I'm dying about your parents running out...better than answering the door in a chamber maid outfit I guess! Ha! We had a ball...nothing like moving in , unpacking, then having a boat load of company..while you are pregnant! You were a GRACIOUS host...thank for taking care of my boy in the middle of the night for crying out loud. Get some rest! l

Katie said...

Love you!