Saturday, August 14, 2010

sweet family time

Love this special gift from God

Could my daughter be any whiter?

Sweet Zach

This bucket provided hours of entertainment

We made a special trip to the Duggar's house!

Cuddle time with the grandparents

A special time for a special girl

Happy Birthday Reese!

A special gift

TRUE family bonding

A cake for Reese

A cake for my Mom

Abby and I had a great time in Fayetteville this past week. We laughed a lot and we cried a bit too. It was a special week. Abby and I were so excited to meet sweet Colson for the first time. He is so precious and we loved every minute we got to love on him!! We took the kids to Jump Zone, Chuck -E- Cheese and they played in the evenings on the back porch and play set. Katie had scouted out where the Duggar's live and we made a trip by their house too in hopes of finding something exciting. The house was quiet and we wondered where everyone was.

Wednesday was a very special day. We celebrated Reese's first birthday and my Mom's 40th (ha!) birthday. Katie wanted it to be a day of celebration and it was. We went out to the Memorial Gardens and my precious Dad said a few words about Reese and her sweet life. He did an amazing job. Jason's dad led us in a prayer and then we released 100 pink, white and cream balloons. Katie wanted one red balloon mixed in and it was PERFECT. The whole thing was perfect. We then headed back to the house for lunch and did a little shopping as well. That night we celebrated my Mom's birthday as well with cake and ice cream after dinner.

Katie, the week was perfect. You hosted so many with grace and every detail including the cards, plants, flowers and was all perfect. You are an amazing mom to THREE children and I love you so much. Your testimony is incredible and your witness is pointing so many to HIM. Happy Birthday, Reese. Happy one year in heaven. We love you, miss you and can't wait to see you one day! What a DAY of rejoicing that will be!!!


Gina said...

Loved this post and how you celebrated Reese. Seeing the balloons made me cry! Happy Birthday, Reese!

{And love your white baby!}

Melissa said...

Have thought so much about your family this week. Love you all!

Emily said...

What a special week with your family. Loved seeing how you all celebrated Reese!!! Loved all of Katie's details too- just perfect!!!

Katie said...

Mandy, the week was perfect, and I loved every second. Z and A were wonderful!

Thank you so so much for coming and spending a special week with us. Love you, sis!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a perfect week! And I can't believe you stalked the Duggers house! That's awesome! Great "talking" to you yesterday!

Mer said...

Love the pics and love the post. What a sweet sweet time. Love you!

Leslie said...

Love that I got to see these special pictures. Katie is just so amazing and so is your entire family. I am so glad that baby boy is here and healthy! Love the White family bonding! Hilarious! Any house updates?

Lauren said...

I can relate to your white baby! I saw on FB that you were going to the Duggars and I thought you were cool that you saw their house! So glad that your family had a special time celebrating Reese...I was thinking of y'all :)

Jen said...

Love all the pics and I'm so happy you were all able to be together to celebrate. It was just beautiful and so special. :)

Jill said...

What a sweet, sweet post!!