Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween 09

enjoying the beautiful weather at Madeline's party

Wyatt and Abby

loving the party favor on the way home!

ready to trick or treat!

We had a blast this Halloween! Abby was the cutest pig and actually loved wearing her costume. We started off the day by going to Madeline's birthday party. All the kids wore their costumes and it was a perfect day for a party! When we got home from the party, Abby took a nap and after she ate some supper was ready to go trick or treating. Bo and I did not think she would really like it or get into it, but we were totally wrong. She LOVED it! She would say "trick or treat" and then she would look up at me and say "who these people?" as they put candy in her bucket. It was funny. We got back home in time to see lots of other kids come to our house. Abby loved this part just as much as walking around the neighborhood. What a fun day!!


Dunhams said...

I just love Abby!! "Who these people?" cracks me up; and I can totally see her saying that :) Thanks for coming to Madeline's party...I know she loved Abby's pig costume!

Jen said...

ok, I am cracking up at "Who these people" too! Love her!!

She was definitely the cutest pig I have ever seen.

Katie said...

"Who these people!?" Who cares if they are giving you candy! Ha. Only Abs. LOVE it!

Robinson Family said...

I agree with everyone. "Who these people?" is adorable! Another reason why she should be able to eat all of her candy at once.

Kimberly said...

I love it Mandy!!! She is adorable! Wherever did you get the pig suit?

Karen At Home Blog said...

That pig costume is to die for!!! Where did you get it??